Tuesday, December 1

thank you: the original

this year i'm thankful i didn't get gout last week. i'm also thankful i was close to getting gout last week, because the meat and beer were plentiful.

thank you: cover 1

dear santa: please give me a camera that makes it look like the 80s. and the ability to cover bad songs on guitar well. kthxbye.

thank you: cover 2

video author comments say "as of april 6th this is the #17 - Most Viewed - Music - Australia" on youtube. as of december 1st i still don't think anyone really cares.

thank you: cover 3

i want to thank you for not playing the correct chords. that'd be so conformist of you.

also: where is sexy waldo? she's in my attic.

thank you: cover 4

thank you for bringing some much needed decency to the posting today.

thank you: cover 5

stop looking over there. look at ME! i'm important.

thank you: bonus round

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